Code of Ethics

LUPA Cleaning Services conducts its business to the highest standard of ethical behaviour. We expect all our staff and management to act with the utmost integrity with our clients and within our team.

Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and statutory obligations relating to behavioural and ethical practices, including trade practices legislation;

Acting honestly towards our clients, employees, fellow staff, specialist subcontractors and suppliers, and not engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct;

Being totally committed to the independent conduct of our business;

Treating every person in a manner that provides equal opportunity and prevents harassment, vilification and unlawful discrimination including on grounds of age, sex, race, religion, political opinion or other personal characteristics or preferences;

Protection of individual privacy by the correct application of workplace surveillance privacy principles;

Avoiding situations with the potential for conflict of interest and being responsible and accountable for our own actions;

Using company assets and resources only for legitimate business purpose;

Preserving the proprietary character of intellectual property of all concerned parties and protecting confidential information concerning LUPA and its employees, stakeholders and clients both during and after engagement;

Ensuring that consultants and suppliers are aware of the Company’s Code of Ethics and understand the requirement for them to adhere to similar policies when working with or on behalf of LUPA.