Our Story

Cleaning was owner Claudia’s way of survival when she arrived in Australia. It was how migrants who were highly qualified with years of professional experience could get by in the lucky country…

Without English, her 2 masters degrees in Economics didn’t seem to matter. Her intelligence didn’t matter. There was no support to get a job. She didn’t know the culture. Or her rights.

A professional with 2 masters degrees could not get any job for 9 months – except cleaning for $10 an hour.

What a gift and blessing to be given the opportunity to work, she thought.

Years of exploitation followed working on more than 2 jobs for more than 18 hours a day when she was on holidays apart from her normal job in schools days. Every day. With no benefits. For up to $10 per hour.


All part of a day’s work.

Cleaning to survive

Claudia was one of the lucky ones. She was noticed by a CEO of an office she was cleaning.

He saw her as a person. With feelings. He listened to her frustrations. And struggles. He heard of her life with 12 others in a 3 bedroom apartment all working under the same cramped conditions. To survive so they could pay to learn English.

All doing their best to figure out how their profession as doctor, lawyer, teacher, or journalist fits into this life known as the ‘lucky country’.

How could they be seen as someone? Not just ‘a cleaner’ to be abused and exploited.

Cleaning for hopes and dreams

“My husband and I are working together to make a difference. We are ethical and our employees are loyal and grateful for what we are doing for them.” – Claudia

Every cleaning job done by Lupa Cleaning Services is done with employees who appreciate the work – who clean with the attention to detail of a lawyer.

Who clean with the trustworthiness of a doctor.

With the desire to aim high and work hard to get there – because that’s how they became teachers, journalists, doctors, and lawyers.

Cleaning to make a difference

People’s Hopes: One Step Forward Foundation is Claudia and Brendan’s vision. It’s a way to provide new immigrants with the support for a better first impression of Australia than one of exploitation and abuse.

“We want to change my story to a new one told by them: full of joy, greatness, and adventures.

Brendan and I want to work with you to make a difference.

Would you like to help us make that difference?”


3 ways you can make a difference

Contact us:

  • Get a quote on your cleaning needs
  • Refer immigrants who need support in the lucky country
  • Donate your time / services to The Foundation (Coming Soon!).