Vision, Culture and People

Vision Statement

Lupa aims to be recognised as Australia’s market leading provider of cleaning services. Our business is based on:

  • Strong ethical employment and business practices
  • Value and respect for people
  • Premium service delivery
  • Tailored solutions
  • Innovative environmental solutions
  • Proactive management
  • Open communication channels
  • Social work through a Foundation that we are establishing.


An ethical cleaning business is our foundation.

Our clients keep us running. They may not know it when they start, but they stay with us because of our culture: our integrity, honesty, and attention to detail. They trust our people. And value the service.

Clients are reassured of our:

  • Focus on quality
  • Stringent OHS procedures
  • Environmentally friendly work practices
  • Risk awareness
  • Total quality management principles.

Safety and environmental management are very important at Lupa Cleaning Services.

Our people are also important.

We have experienced and seen too many people get exploited and abused at the hands of dodgy cleaning businesses. It stops here.

Our personnel are highly valued and encouraged to grow with the company. We promote from within where we see potential, and support them through our Foundation.


We talk about them a lot. We can’t help it. They are what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our people.

They feel part of the team. They are the team.

They are pre-screened with background checks and police checks. We don’t take chances with our clients’ property and IP, especially after hours.

Our people are formally trained to give you the best clean you could possible get. But we can’t train them to respect, be honest, have integrity, to work hard and work well for a job they are getting paid for.

We don’t train for these qualities – we hire them because of these qualities.

They are professionals. No, not just professional cleaners. They are doctors. Lawyers. Teachers. Journalists. Professions based on integrity, honesty, respect, and trust.

We are an ethical employer – our people get paid higher than industrial rates. High perfomers and committed long-term employees are rewarded through Staff Recognition Programs.

But they deserve more than that: so are dedicated to helping them achieve personal goals and to support them with the challenges of living in a new country.

We are setting up People’s Hopes: One Step Forward Foundation to provide that support.

Employee benefits wiith a difference.

It’s the least we can do.

Our success is our staff. They are responsible for our reputation for outstanding service delivery. They have made us one of the leading business in cleaning services Melbourne has to offer.